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When culture is preserved and kept intact and people take pride in their heritage then everything else will fall into its place. Propelled by this belief Mrs Kalvakuntala Kavitha (Member of Parliment, Lok Sabha, India) visualized a platform for creating an awareness about the rich cultural heritage of the Telangana region. This platform would instil in the people a hope and aspiration for a better future by addressing the concerns of women, youth, students apart from the other marginalised sections of the society. Thus, Telangana Jagruthi was established in 2008

Apart from playing a crucial role in Telangana cultural renaissance, Jagruthi also addresses important issues such as women empowerment, upskilling youth and health care. By playing manifold significant roles, Jagruthi was instrumental in garnering grassroot support for the Statehood of Telangana, which was realized in 2014. The Australian chapter of Telangana Jagruthi was formed in the year 2016 with Mr Nishidhar Reddy Borra as its Chapter President.



As a member of telangana Jagruthi, I Pledge to strive towards safeguarding Telangana's self - respect, the rights of telangana people, the culture, customs and traditions of telangana.
Telangana Jagruthi Australia Inc. (A0094551J) incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 in Victoria, Australia
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